Monday, May 18, 2009

Tracking Updates

Sargasso Sea 33 47.3N 67 32.8W

As Bill stated this morning, it was a beautiful day to be on the Ocean. Energy levels and appetites were up so we had three excellent sqares today. I was made aware last night that our position reports were not shoping up. It must be a bug in the X-gate email progam that we were using to send the reports and we have reverted to send in reports directly. There should be new position reports for the rest of the trip. Unfortunately, it appears that the map to the right isn't working for us so you can either click the "enlarge map" key or use the link to YotReps Position Reports down the page. Once I get onto the real internet I will find another plugin that will actually work.

Conditions have continued to ease this afternoon and early evening. Right now we are motoring along with about 4 kts of breeze on our port quarter. No idea if we tacked or jibed this afternoon as the velocity was so low it didn't really mater.

We almost cought a fish within an hour of putting out the new fishing rod, but one of the crimps on my leader let go (I crimped the replacement much tighter). It may have been for the better as we saw a HUGE splash as the fish jumped out of the water and I am not sure I want a monster to be the first fish we board on the rod.

The evening is extremely plesant and I hear rumors of a movie night.

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