Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Newport to Cartegena Day 5 - Part 2

380 miles NE of Bahamas - 27 48.6N 69 22.1W

The building winds have taken an afternoon siesta bringing our boatspeed down to 8-9 kts, but making for a rather pleasant afternoon, especially when the sun pokes out from behind the clouds. We had a wonderful lunch of Pizza (thank you Digeorno's) and Cappy's Clam Chowder (thank you other Johanna). Everyone is loving the quite speed of Visions without her engine running and the motion is pretty reasonalbe with just the occasional hard roll when the two wave directions meet at just the right spot. Unfortunately this is usally occompanied by a bit of spray across the deck, so we have had to close our hatches (except for two in the galley that are protected by the pilothouse. Offshore passages in moderate to bad conditions may be the one time we regret not having air conditioning.

We are currently chugging along at a VERY comfortable 9 kts and have averaged better than 200 miles/day for the trip, so it looks like we will arrive in the Bahamas late morning in two days. We still aren't sure which island we are going to stop in as it depends on the time of our arrival (we don't want to come into harbor in the dark).

To pass the time I have started reading "Spanish for Cruisers" as I figure I will need as much spanish as possible when haning out in Cartegena for two weeks by myself. It makes me realize both how much I did learn in two years of High School Spanish and just how much I forgot. I have also been playing around with some minor (completely non-critical) bugs in the interface of our Nav software and our instrument systems and have a bunch of questions for the developers ready once I have a real internet connection. -- Gram

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