Thursday, May 21, 2009

Newport to Cartagena Day 6, Captains Log

Southwest North Atlantic 25 50N 70 34W
21 May, 2009

We passed south of Boca Raton, FL middle of last night (allow me a moment to say good morning to my parents, Arnold and Trudy who miraculously have figured ot how to read our blog), and we continue southbound 528 miles east of Miami, course 217 mag, now 247 nm from our waypoint at Caicos Pasage.

Another day, another 200 miles. Well, make that 234 nm. Visions of Johanna contiues to steam along at a great pace, making 24 hr totals of 206 nm the 19th and 234 nm on the 20th. I am most pleased with her performance, and a well known designer has opined "this boat is wicked fast". Can you tell he is from Maine?

Over night,the wind has picked up and we are finally beginning to see some seas. Yestrday, the wind actually eased a bit from mid morning to midnight, usually less than 15 kn T from just north of east. Wind direction currently unchanged, but wind speed has increased to 19-22 kn. Seas, which were surprisingly docile yesterday, are making their presence known, now 6-9 ft. Our boat speed remains an awesome 9.8 kn @ 17 kn wind, and 11 kn @ 22 kn wind - in other words, we are TRUCKIN'. While a bit rolly, Visions of Johanna is handling these conditions with aplomb, and never has felt unsafe, nor have we felt insecure. She continues to exhibit a lovely balance of speed and seaworthness.

We are closing in on our waypoint, and I, and the rest of the crew, are beginning to sense that this first leg of our trip has begun it's end game. I expect another 12 hrs. of wind and seas, but then anticipate some rather fast easing over the last 18 hours of this leg to the Bahamas. With all the weather action around us, I am greatful that we have managed to thread the needle and insinuate ourselves between fronts and low pressure systems. To that end, I would be amiss if I did not acknowledge our weather guru, Ken McKinley, from Locus Weather in Camden, ME. Through daily e-mail contact, Ken has always routed us where the storms ain't,which has not been an easy task this week.

Thanks, Ken.

That's all for now,


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Johanna said...

I am also thankful for Ken's keeping me in the loop with his weather predictions. It's eased the mind of this way too worry wart to know that my boys are "keeping out of harm's way" as they head south. I wonder if I too would feel secure under the current conditions. Please tell me the Pacific is much calmer! Gram the tracker is not keeping up with you it because you are going too fast???love you both j