Sunday, May 17, 2009

Newport to Cartagena Day 2

Captains log voyage date 2
38 30N, 70 23W

All is well this morning. Wind shifted to SW as expected just before midnite last nite, but was kind enough to remain in the 10-12 kn range through the nite. Now, if it does build to 15-20, it willl build in daylight and will be less onerous. Comfort level remains good with minimal pounding as we motor sail upwind under mainsail @1550 RPM burning 3 gals. per hour. As an example, I spent my off watch sleeping in the forward cabin, a rarity for me offshore.

Our current posiition is further south with less Easting than expected, and we shoud be able to enter the GS at 37 56N, 70 02W - about 40 miles South and West of the anticipated entry waypoint. GS entry ETA is 1100 hrs. As of now, sky is partly sunny and winds remain steady at 10-12 knots SW with 3-5 ft seas and this is the wind I anticipate for the crossing. Ken Mckinley will provide a weather update later this morning.

That's all for now,

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Anonymous said...

yotreps tracker says 403 permission denied...any ideas so I can see you. Gale warning on NOAA for not too far from you I think. a call would be great this am.J

Sierra said...

Click on the link down a little lower on the right where it says Links: Yotreps Position Report. It's below the Blog Archive listing.