Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Newport to Cartegena Day 4

175 Miles SW of Bermuda - 31 03.7N 67 56.6W

Last night and today have been near perfect sailing days. This morning around 8:00 we were able to shut the engine down and still mainain our speed. Thus far we have traveled just short of 700nm, keeping a better than 200 mile/day average and keeping us on schedule. We have managed to empty the cooler and relocate that fod to the freezer and fridge before all the ice melted so once again the fridge and freezer are stuffed to the gills. Speaking of gills, we had the fishing tackle out again today, but as of yet no nibbles. The good news is I have no idea where we would put the fish if we caught one.

Right now we have about 12kts of wind on our port quarter making for a very comfortable day of sailing. It looks like by tomorrow morning the wind will increase quite a bit toping off at 25kts or so (nothing to be worried about, just not quite as comfortable). We will have stronger winds for about 36 hours before it calmes down for our approach to the Bahamas.

The guys are currently down below watching "Eyes Wide Shut", getting out of the sun for a bit with some mindless entertainment. Tonight we are having chicken enchiladas (thanks mom), probably with some salad. Oddly enough, the only things I am worried about running out of are Pickles and Milk (not together I promise). Usually I am the only one drinking milk regularly, but both Jake and Chuck are also milk drinkers so we will have to pick up more in Mathewtown. Pickles weren't really a provisioned item, but there was a jar left over from my winter onboard. Luckily we have plenty of other food to eat.


Sierra said...

Remember when you ate pickles and milk everyday after school? (While watching Star Wars of course....)

Johanna said...

tech prince gram..the boat tracking is not working again...last update was yesterday am. I'm just glad we've been able to talk a little each day. love to all mom the cook