Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Newport to Cartegena Day 12

Western Carribean Sea - 13 30.6N 75 19.8W

Today was rather rough in the western Carribean. Apparently a small tropical depression added to the trades quite a bit so we saw 20+ kt winds and very steep seas. Things are finally settling down and thankfully there was some cloud cover today or else it would have been unbarably hot. As is, it was 95 degrees in the pilothouse this afternoon and noone slept well last night. I think most have caught up today, so hopefully we will be in fine shape tonight with the seas subsiding a bit. We only have 185 miles to go so we should be in to Cartegena tomorrow afternoon.

I will try to post after we get in, but if I don't it probably just means it took us a while to settle in to port and I needed some sleep.

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