Monday, January 24, 2011

Settling in and getting to workd

Gulf Harbour, NZ

I arrived on Sunday the 16th, two days late due to a Northeaster that dropped 1 foot of snow in Newport and 2+ at the airport in Providence. I had a whirlwind two days with Bill before he left to head home. I spent two nights in a little caravan, parked next to the boat and storage container before moving onto my temporary home, a Halberg Rassy 40 Tanaya that owners Jim and Katie have been kind enough to let me stay on in their absence. It is tough to move onto a boat that is already fairly full with other people's things, but they cleared some space for me and I am using the V-berth as a storage closet for now. The hardest part is getting used to a small galley after being spoiled on Visions. Here is a pic of the boat.In the meantime, I have gotten right into the thick of things at the yard. Lots of meetings, e-mails, phone calls, and a few other projects have filled my time. The fire did quite a bit of damage, but luckily it is generally confined to the Engine Room and Laz and I am hopeful that there will me little structural damage to repair. We won't really know till we take everything out of the engine room and pull away the insulation. Hopefully a new coat of paint and a few minor repairs will be all that are needed, then new insulation, and all the gear gets reinstalled (mostly new items other than gen-set, transmition and engine that will be repaired once removed). No real idea of timing yet, but it will take quite some time. The good news is that I am acting as Project Manager with 16hrs a week agreed by the insurance as acceptable, plus I have a job offer from the electrician and the yard to work with them on removing, and reinstalling the equipment, so once I get my paperwork done, I will have a working visa too (still figuring out those details). I also got a new car. A 1991 BMW 525i that was very well cared fore and in great shape.
It was quite the deal at auction from Turners and drives great, plus a comfy rear seat and big trunk if I have company. You can see the boat with tent over the cockpit, 20' storage container, and the caravan which they are going to keep there for a few more weeks as it makes a nice office for me and saves a parking space at Bruce's house.

This last weekend the weather was terrible so I didn't do much other than drive around, do a little shopping, and get my lay of the immediate land. Unfortunately the forecast for next weekend isn't much better, but it is a long weekend (anniversary day I believe) so I will try to figure out something to do that won't be completely ruined by rain. I managed to run into the crew of Lady K who I had met in Tahitti today. They are in the yard for 3 months, have rented a house just over the hill, and will hopefully be good friends while I am here.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fire On-Board

I don't have much in the way of details and will post more when I get back to NZ and learn more, but on New Years Eve Morning, Bill discovered a fire in the engine room. Initial inspection leads us to believe the battery charger was the source of the fire (probably an internal short). Damage is significant, but note too severe. Biggest problem is that while initially using a halatron extinguisher, it ended up taking dry chemical extinguishers from the dock to put out the fire and the chemical used is quite corrosive and causes lots of problems.

Luckily the boat was at the dock, they were awake, and at least initially it doesn't appear there is any structural damage to the fiberglass. It will still be a TON of work to tear down the engine room, repair damage, and put everything back, making sure everything is in working order.

Thankfully we have the hospitality of Ralph and Sharon Kast as the boat isn't livable right now.