Monday, May 25, 2009

Newport to Cartegena Day 10-2

20 Miles East of Cuba - 19 51.4N 73 59.9W

The clouds cleared just enough for us to get a glimpse of Cuba this afternoon as we made our way into the Windward Passage. It put the finnishing touches on a georgeous, but brutally hot and humid day with fresh dorado al fresco in the cockpit for dinner. The winds are ligh,t meaning that we have to motor, but the advantage is we get to keep the deck hatches open keeping it reasonably comfortable in the cabin.

We are currently heading southwest to clear the tip of Haiti before turning back south to Cartegena. We have done our fuel calculations and are in good shape so long as we either get some helpful wind, or not too much adverse current along the way, but the 30 extra gallons from the Bahamas will be a big help (keep in mind this is all with a 50gal reserve for emergency use).

We got a bit lax with our reports while on land, but I can assure you we will get back on schedule now that we have little else to do. Still, keep in mind, just because we haven't updated doesn't mean there is any trouble. It probably means we are too busy catching fish or having fun.

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Uncle Er said...

I just finally figured out how to get the map progress feature to work on the blog. It looks like you all have made great progress towards Cartagena. And that you almost could see Guantanamo from your passage between Cuba and Haiti. What an adventure. I'm guessing that the crew is all happy to have Gram and Bill as chefs. Keep us updated. We are having fun following the progress.