Saturday, May 16, 2009

Newport to Cartegena Day 1

Hudson Canyon 40 11.4N 71 13.9W

We got off the dock at 6:00 this morning and have been motoring with the main up into anywhere from 0 kts this morning to about 12 kts true this afternoon. We had a minor issue with the engine room blowers tripping the circuit breaker, but I figured out it was just one of the fans so we disconnected it and are running more item for the list in Cartegena. My guess is it needs new brushes. The fog has generally been thick, but the Pilothouse is great for this weather and the seas aren't too big yet. We should hit the gulf-stream around 8:00 tomorrow morning. Hopefully in a few more hours the wind will clock, we can tack over onto starboard and crack off a bit towards our gulf stream entrance waypoint.

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Anonymous said...

COngratulations. It mnust be great to finally be underway.

John Tarbox