Friday, May 15, 2009

Goodbye Newport

41 29.3N 71 19.1W -- Newport RI

It is our final night in Newport and after living here for just short of 7 years I sure will miss it. Today we put the finishing touches on most of the boat prep, went for a short shakedown sail, and then finished the last few items on my list like inspecting the rig and putting "Great Stuff" foam in the wire chases through watertight bulkheads to finally make them watertight. Tonight the project is final computer prep, so I hope to be in bed by 11:30 to get 5 hours sleep before we shove off at O'Dark 30 in the morning (~5:00). The blog will be updated daily and you can track us via YotReps. I am not sure if the map to the right is going to work, but if you hit the "Enlarge" key, I know that it will track our position reports which we will try to send at least once a day. Please don't freak out if we miss a report, it probably just means that I am dealing with a minor computer problem. Nothing a few hours in front of the screen can't fix, but my stomach may not allow me to.

Thanks to all the support from my friends here in Newport. Jeremiah dropped off the last of my sewing projects today (4 beautiful scuba gear bags). Thanks to Dani & Damon for an awesome going away gift bag, thanks to Geoff and David for all the support from the office, and thanks to many others for the good wishes. Finally thanks to my Dad, who is celebrating his birthday for about 60 more minutes. I will miss you immensely. Please send updates on the Sox. Finally, I won't be checking my normal e-mail on passage, so please send any important messages (or just good wishes) to YachtVisions at gmail dot com. Please keep messages to text only and no attachments unless necessary.

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