Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Newport to Cartegena Day 11-2

Middle of Carribean Sea - 16 46.5N 74 52.5W

Water Temp: 84 deg
Air Temp: 90 deg
Cabin Temp: 92 deg

Hot got a new definition this afternoon when I went down for my afternoon siesta. It was the most unrestful 2+ hour nap in my life and I woke up sweatier than a fat southerner at an august picknick. The sea state and high speed while close reaching had precluded opening any deck hatches until about 30 minutes ago, so my aft cabin with waterheaters under the bed quickly got up to extreme temperatures even with all three fans going full bore. The rest of the cabin was nearly as hot and the cockpit was basically unbarable in the direct sunlight. The pilothouse on the other hand was somewhat reasonable (relatively speaking).

Evening hours has brought reduced temps, backing winds, reduced spray, cold showers, and a much better overall feeling. Why can't all day be like 18:00. We have just 385 miles left to reach Cartegena which at the current rate puts us in before noon on thursday. We are guessing we will slow down at some point, but we should be able to get in before dark at least. The issue now will be managing to get into the marina before Bill leaves. Work is Cartegena is very popular right now with at least 50 boats in the anchorage.

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