Friday, May 29, 2009

Cartegena Colombia

Cartegena Colombia - 10 24.5N 075 32.6W
We got into port yesterday afternoon around 1600, launched the dingy and sent Bill on his way to clear customs. 20 minutes later we had just about finished putting up the boom awning (my new favorite thing in the world) and Bill was back, having left our passports and papers with our Agent David who will take care of everything (we hope) this morning. After some much deserved showers and changes into clean dry clothes we headed off to shore. A short walk later via the Club de Pesce Marina we arrived at a wonderful resturaunt De Oliva with a very friendly owner who was very patient with our stupid questions in broken spanish and french.

Today our goal is to find a slip in a marina. Club de Pesce looks very nice, but apparently is full. We met the "Heffe" yesterday who is going to see what she can do, but we don't have a ton of hope.

John, who runs Club Nautico [pictured], was off yesterday, so we are hoping that one of the "two reservations" the workers talked about was for us.

Today we have a few boat projects to do and will continue to put the boat away and clean off the salt this morning, then probably head to the old city in the afternoon to play tourista.

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Uncle Er said...

Congrats on making it safe and sound!