Friday, May 22, 2009

Newport to Cartegena Day 7

Mayaguana Island - Bahamas -- 22 19.6N 73 02.4W

It took us 151 hours to travel the 1350 nautical miles from Newport Rhode Island to Mayaguana Island in the southern Bahamas. This works out to an average of 8.6kts or 206 miles per day, an impressive average for non race boats. Last night ended up being a very spirited blast reach at about 9-10 kts with spray pummeling the cockpit. Luckily for us we can hide in or behind the pilothouse, with behind being chosen more often than not as it was getting VERY hot and sticky inside the boat.

On our approach to the islands we landed a nice sized Dorado (video to come when high speed internet is available for upload). The pork loin that had come out of the freezer 30 minutes earlier was quickly returned and the Dorado was butchered and marinated for dinner tonight. We pulled inside the reef at Mayaguana around 2:00 this afternoon, took a quick swim, and went about some boat chores making sure we are back to as close to 100% as possible. It is amazing the difference being able to open the hatches and get some air flowing will do for a boat full of guys.

I grilled up the fish loins on the George Forman grill, steamed some broccoli and cooked up some pine nut cous cous. The fish was AMAZINGLY moist and the spices came out very well if I must say so myself.

The plan right now (subject to change of course) is to sail tomorrow to Great Inagua which will take most of the day (10 hours). We will relax in Mathew Town on Sunday and Sunday night, go grocery shopping for a few items monday morning, then depart by noon for Cartegena. It will be nice to have a few nights sleep with hatches open and a level, relatively motion free bed.

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Janet Spurr said...

Hoping to meet all of you in the South Pacific sometime next spring or summer. Good luck and look forward to reading more. I wish I was there, have to be in NYC for a Book Expo.

Janet Spurr