Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wx Update 11 June

Hello Bill and crew -

Read with interest the account of your trials and tribulations with the occluded front. As I said yesterday, respect for the North Atlantic is a good thing, and it sounds as though all on aboard have gained a bit more!

The time zone currently in effect in Ireland is Irish Standard Time, which is a daylight saving time zone used in the summer. It is UTC +1. I am writing this at 1125 EDT, which is 1525 UTC, and the time in Ireland is 1625 IST.

Winds through this evening will be W at about 20 knots, then will veer a bit to WNW later at night at similar speeds. Winds will then back to W again tomorrow morning and will drop off a bit.

A fast moving, but weak low will track east along about 51N tomorrow afternoon and will across 10W near midnight tomorrow night. This system will spread some rain across the yacht and southwestern Ireland later in the afternoon and through the evening. Winds will back to S later in the afternoon, and to SE in the evening, maybe even E or ENE for a time. Wind speeds, though, will be rather light through this period, 7 knots or less. After midnight tomorrow night, after a brief period of light and variable winds, winds will settle into the WNW and pick up to 9-13 knots.

Seas will continue at 4-7 feet, mainly as longer swells from the west through the weekend, perhaps subsiding a little as you approach the Irish coast later tomorrow and the winds become lighter.

Bottom line, downwind sailing through tomorrow morning, then much lighter winds tomorrow afternoon and evening with rain. You’ll likely be approaching Dingle Bay under power.

Because of the fast moving and weak nature of the low, my confidence in the wind forecast for later tomorrow and tomorrow night is below average. It is unlikely that winds will be very strong through this period, but the wind direction could end up being different than forecast.

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