Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SY Visions of Johanna Bermuda to Dingle, Ireland Crossing Day 11

DATE: Tuesday, 7 June, 2016, 09:00 AM Greenland time
SY Visions of Johanna Bermuda to Dingle, Ireland Crossing Day 11

North Atlantic Ocean
Position: 45 03.5 N/34 27.9W
SOG 8.5 knots; COG 087 mag
TWS 19.8 kn ; TWD: 354 mag

Conditions: We sailed through the night, good speeds as wind slowly backed to just west of north. At dawn, there was blue sky with scattered clouds aft and low grey clouds ahead; wind jumped for several hours to 25-30 kn, and we screamed along. In the past, Ken McKinley termed it "hurtling". Pam and I partially reefed the jib and opened the staysail, and then rolled the jib as we averaged over 10 knots for 2 consecutive hours. Sky is now 100% overcast, Bar continues to fall, now 1007 mb.

Current situation: We continue on a general GC route, still making more easterly way than NE, anticipating further backing of the wind to the NW. Low #2 is just SE of us and should cross us over the next 12 hours, winds to ease as it goes by. It heads north, and then circles back CCW to the NW toward Greenland. We now have partially reefed jib and staysail with our perennial double reefed mainsail, moving more sedately around 8.6 + knots. Sea state still is reasonably tame as winds have not pushed them up as yet. I am thinking that they will not grow much through the day, and then winds will abate to a degree later.

Tactical: We should have nice sailing over the next couple of days, backing wind, modest speeds, corresponding seas. We continue to keep a weather eye on what as been termed "the Newfoundland low", as we will be entertained by it Thursday night and Friday. Pleasantly, todays GRIBs suggest that the Newfoundland low first heads NE, but then might turn more to the north - away from us - perhaps following Low #2. In any event, if this model holds, our resultant winds will be moderated, and supportive from the SW and S as we can now contemplate our approach to Dingle Bay.

Lunch yesterday was Turkey Burgers on buns with chutney, served with slices of cucumber and apple. Dinner was a chicken stir fry a la Denis. Mealtime continues to be a fun and congenial time.

All is well on-board. 1034 nm. to Dingle Bay approach waypoint. Just starting to feel like a horse coming home to the barn.

Best wishes,

Bill Strassberg and crew, SY Visions of Johanna

PS - If I could ever convince any of the crew to make a post, you might get a break from hearing from (only) me...but sorry, no luck so far!

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