Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Locus Wx June 1

Hello Bill and crew -

Glad you are enjoying the SOG boost from the stream. Based on the latest altimetry data, to stay in the best current from your morning position, head to a waypoint of about 40 10N/53 00W, then to 39 45N/52 00W, and on to 39 15N/51 15W. From that point, you will be moving out of the 3-4 knot current, and into much lighter current speeds, so you can head due east. Of course, alterations for sailing angles through this period are fine.

Winds will be nearly due W through this afternoon and into the evening with speeds in the 20-24 knot range. Seas will be running 6-8 feet. The wind shift should occur during the mid to late evening hours, likely to N initially with speeds dropping off a bit to 16-20 knots. Seas will be a bit confused following the wind shift, but by then you should be east of  53W and into an area where the current is setting more toward the SE rather than to the E, so seas should not be that short or steep. Still, it may be rather uncomfortable for a little while.

Later at night, winds may veer to NNE for a while, but should back to N again by tomorrow afternoon as you move east of 50W. Wind speeds will drop back a little more to 14-18 knots, and seas will become less confused and subside to 5-7 feet.

Through tomorrow night and Friday winds will back to NNW as you continue east along about 39N, and wind speeds will run generally in the 13-17 knot range. Seas, however, will build bit through Friday in swells coming in from the NNW, and by later Friday will be running 6-8 feet. Swells will continue building through Friday night and by Saturday as you approach 40W swells of 8-11 feet are likely. Best to not move east of 40W until later Saturday.

Later in the weekend seas will ease and winds will back to WNW and become lighter.

The next low now looks as though it will track a bit farther north than has been anticipated, probably along about 42-43N through the weekend, reaching 40W later Sunday night, then intensifying as it continues east to the north of the Azores through the first half of next week. It will probably produce gales and seas of 12 feet or more as far south as 40N between 40W and 30W early next week. This could mean that your turn to the north might need to be delayed a bit longer, waiting for the low to move east of your longitude in order to avoid the stronger winds and seas. This could be around Tuesday or so near 30W.

Any interest in visiting the Azores??

Email with any questions.

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