Friday, June 3, 2016

Weather Update 3 June

Hello Bill and crew -

The trend of the earlier models has persisted with the most recent data, and this makes the outlook for remaining on the GC route through the weekend and into early next week more favorable.

As you hurtle northeast through tonight, you will be moving into an area of stronger winds and higher seas associated with the intense low now centered north of the Azores. If you reach 42N/44W by tomorrow morning (at 8+ knots, quite possible) you will be experiencing NW winds in the 25-30 knot range with seas running 9-11 feet, perhaps having reached 12 feet at times in the pre-dawn hours. If you can slow down a little this evening and tonight, you won’t see conditions quite as high.

Through the day tomorrow conditions will ease, and by evening, NW winds will be running 18-22 knots with seas having subsided to 6-9 feet. The trend will continue tomorrow night and by Sunday morning as you move east of 40W, wind speeds will be down to 12-16 knots with seas down to 5-7 feet. The wind direction will veer to NNW through tomorrow night, though.

Light NNW winds will continue Sunday with seas continuing to subside, and generally good conditions are likely early next week.

The second low will turn north-northeast to the north of the Azores Monday night and will then move generally north to the east of 30W through the middle of the week, moving north of 50N sometime Tuesday night. That will work out very nicely as you will move east of 30W on the GC route early Wednesday and will enjoy nice westerly winds to the south of the low as you move toward Ireland.

Bottom line - hang on for a bit of a rough ride later tonight and early tomorrow, then things look favorable for the rest of the weekend and for much of next week.

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