Sunday, June 12, 2016

Final Weather Update -- Thank you Ken

Hello Bill and crew -

It now appears that the low that I spoke about yesterday will track to the north of your route through tonight and that it will be a bit stronger than was anticipated yesterday. Its center will reach Galway Bay around midday tomorrow. This will mean less variability in the wind, stronger wind speeds, and wind direction generally favorable for the final 18 hours.

SSW winds will increase through the late afternoon hours, likely up to 17-21 knots toward evening, and some showers will become likely as well. A cold front trailing south from the low will pass the yacht near midnight, and wind speeds may push up to 20-24 knots in advance of the front this evening with more showers, then behind the front winds will shift to W after midnight and may increase to 23-27 knots with a few higher gusts toward daybreak tomorrow.

This means that the only engine use that you will need will be for maneuvering in the bay and harbor as you arrive tomorrow. Perhaps you’ll need to use the engine to slow down and stop as the wind whisks you into the bay rather briskly! :)

With your imminent arrival, this will be the final update for this passage. I have enjoyed participating in the voyage through the very descriptive and entertaining daily updates, and hope that my updates and advice have been useful.

As always, feel free to email with any questions.

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