Monday, June 6, 2016

SY Visions of Johanna Bermuda to Dingle, Ireland Crossing Day 10 - sailing, sailing...

DATE: Monday, 6 June, 2016, 09:20 AM Greenland time

SY Visions of Johanna Bermuda to Dingle, Ireland Crossing Day 10
North Atlantic Ocean
Position: 44 30.1 N/38 46.7W
SOG 8.17 knots; COG 106 mag
TWS 16.9 kn ; TWD: 027 mag

Conditions: We had a slow motor-sailing night, averaging barely 6 knots to the NE, essentially dead upwind in lightish air. We were on a slightly northerly course to position ourselves for a gradual backing to the NNE, and wind has developed, now slowly building. Engine went off at 06:50 and we have been sailing nicely, near close hauled with AWA 053 degrees.

Current situation: We continue on a general GC route - with some modest deviation. We expect wind to slowly build and back over the next 24 hours. Low #2 that will cross east of us Tuesday night has less impact per today's GRIBs.

Tactical: I have elected to follow an Optimum Course track on Expedition, deviating from the GC rhumb line initially to the east, then rejoining near 28W. By looping off the course (more east than NE) toward 45N/33W early Tuesday afternoon, and then looping back and rejoining the course toward 48:30N/28W Wednesday night, the wind stays at or just aft of the beam as low #2 passes us to the east. I'm thinking that this is doubly good - as not only might we mitigate some wind velocity by maintaining wind aft of the beam, Expedition also reads this as an optimum (fast) route - so a positive on both counts.

Lunch yesterday was really nice Quesadillas with cheddar, pico de gallo, and potatoes. Pam stole the potato idea from discussions re: pizza toppings. Well, they work nicely in Q's too. Dinner had a first course of tomato and mozzeralla caprese salad (sadly, no fresh basil), chicken sausages, and pasta with basil tomato sauce and baked mozzerella on top. Princely cashews were shared for desert with other fixings as desired.

All is well on-board. 1208 nm. to Dingle Bay approach waypoint. Over the hump, crew is happy and just beginning to think about the possibilities of arrival (KOW!).

Best wishes,

Bill Strassberg and crew, SY Visions of Johanna

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