Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Island to Gambiers Day 9 - Pitcairn it is

1700/0100 GMT
Pitcairn Island
South Pacific Ocean

We made it to Pitcairn around noon local time. By the way, our boat clocks are now set to GMT -8, which is essentially California time. We are now more or less south of San Francisco!. We initially anchored, with the suggestion of local knowledge, on the SW side of the island in a place islanders call Ginger Valley. While it is called Gudgeon Harbor on the charts, it is more or less sheer cliff and steep sloped hillsides. Nary a valley (or a harbor) in sight as far as I am concerned. All harbors here are exposed. This one was fairly rolly and we soon decided to move as it was no picnic, certainly not what we were looking for. Bounty Bay, the "main" anchorage was suggested , but it too had a large 6' swell coming in. We had passed a third alternative, and soon found it to be just right. Tedside is located on the NW face of the island. It was not protected from today's light NE winds, but these are now less than 10 knots and will be consistent and light for several days. There was only a minimal northerly wind chop coming in, and most importantly, the large SE swell curled around the island, diminished, and came at us from the SW - comfortably right on our stern. Relative heaven it is right now.

The island is beautiful from the sea, showing dramatic brown and yellow cliffs surrounded by lush vegetation.The inhabitants are mostly decendants of mutineers of the Bounty, and Tahitians who accompanied them. After a pleasant evening and a good nights sleep, we plan to explore this famous island on the morrow. We will stay here for only one or two nights and weather and winds will decide our departure time for the Gambiers.

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