Friday, April 2, 2010

Underway 1600 and Headed for Rikitea, Mangareva Island in Gambier Group

1730 local/0130 GMT
South Pacific Ocean
25 00.1S/130 15.2W
Winds ENE 9 kn, Swells 3-4 ft SSE

We hated to leave and look forward to soon reporting to you about our stay at Pitcairn Island, but this is a proper time to depart as large southern ocean swells will arrive here in 36 hours. By heading out at this time, we will be further west, and the swells will have a lesser and shorter lived impact upon us. Winds are light however, and we will do much motoring on this leg.

We met very generous and giving people on Pitcairn, hiked, explored and Gram even went diving on the shipwreck Cornwallis and snorkled the Bounty remains as well. Jo and I spent the mid-day today touring with the resident physician. We also toured the medical clinic where I did a consult.

This should be a 46 hour run to Mangareva, and we expect to arrive Rikitea (the populated town on Mangareva Island) Sunday afterrnoon. Our friend (and how can we ever thank him) Scott Stolnitz will be underway tomorrow, carrying our new gooseneck and parts par avion to Papeete, Tahiti...and our gooseneck will arrive in Magareva Tuesday! Fantastic.

All is well with calm seas. We will have internet (and hopefully WIFI) in Rikitea and we look forward to posting pictures.

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