Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Island to gambiers Day 2

South Pacific Ocean 0900 report
29 04.2S, 111 02.4W
148 nm SW of Easter Island
Wind 4 - 8 knots South
Seas 6 ft from WSW

Last night encompassed several little rain squalls, but became reasonably comfortable as winds eased towards morning light. This was expected, but now we must motor south where we (hope) expect to find a SE breeze near 30S as a front pases over us. There is a 50% overcast this AM, but no rain.

The flying fish count was 5 on deck this morning, without squid or sqink. Jo prepared a wonderful roast chicken dinner last night, with mashed potatoes and a huge green salad, and home made chocolate chip cookies for desert. It takes a few days to get into the offshore routine, so no movie last night.

Everything out here is great, except that we are suffering from lack-a -wind. Hopefully this will resolve itsel by late afternoon.

Only 1335 nm to go.

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Travis and Maggie said...

Hi I found love blog recently and love reading it. I have a question though, probably stupid, how are you guys blogging at sea?