Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter to Gambiers Day 6

0930 report/1630 GMT
South Pacific Ocean
26 59 0S/121 30.3W
Winds avg 26.1 kn 120 mag
SOG 7.0 kn, COG 280 mag
large wind driven waves from SE
14 second also large southerly swell

Same wind, different patch of ocean today. Winds were steady overnight in the 20 kn range, but increased with sunrise and have been 25-30 kn since. We have tried all kinds of sail plans, trying to head as DDW (dead down wind) as possible as the swells are best handled this way. Right now, we are sailing with jib only, no mainsail.

As we continue to move towards 26N we are rolling some, but not violently - there is a big difference between 20 - 25 and 30+ knots. We can also keep up some reasonable speed at 25 knots, whereas speeds are slowed to 6 kn or less for comfort above 30 kn. Which brings me back to the "you know you have been out there for a while" in when you've learned how and when to slow yourself down.

Wind aside, today is shaping up to be a nice day with a sunny morning. There is a rim of light gray clouds to the west, curling around to the north and fading to the east. I suspect that this is the front producung all our wind, and we look forward to busting through it to the lighter winds on the other side. We are 18 hours away from 26S/123 30W on this course and should see some easing around that time.

We may be rolling, but we are not starving. Jo prepared shrimp enchiladas served with corn and beans last night, with guacamole and chips appetizer (tortilla chips are scarce and worth their weight in gold at this point!), green salad, and warm peach cobbler for desert. Menus like that keep the spirits up.

Oddly enough, only one flying fish in the cockpit last night. We did 156 nm 6A - 6A yesterday, and 134 nm the day before.

765 nm to go, although weather and a few days without wind early next week might make a stop at Pitcairn Island strategically appropriate. Pitcairn is 470 nm away - about 72 hours - but who's counting.

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