Friday, March 26, 2010

0900 Report/1600 GMT
South Pacific Ocean
28 41.1S/116 26.2W
Sailing main and jib COG 245 mag/SOG 5.5 kn - just jibed to COG 300/Sog 4.7 kn - slow going in light winds

Winds were light overnight, and engine was even turned on for a few hours 1100 GMT. We are now sailing in light and diminishing easterly winds 8 - 14 knots. Route planning is bringing us north towards 26S/125W, north of a front that will develop over the weekend, as we wish to avoid a repeat of Wednesday nights antics. Unfortunately (now isn't that ironic), winds are quite light and we will need to consider motoring today. Diesel will not be easy to replace over the next 6 -8 weeks, but we have enough.

We had roast turkey breast with carrots and a large green salad (Jo), topped off by home made (Gram) focaccia for dinner last night, a feast that was emjoyed by all. Meals take on much significance at this point and Jo always has something up her sleeve, such as warm poppy seed muffins with cream cheese for breakfast today.

Not too many fish flying last night...not enough wind. We'll see what the day brings.

164 nm 7A - 7A yesterday. 1058 nm to go.

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