Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Galapagos to Easter Day 9 - This is More Like It!

Pacific Ocean - 390 miles north of Easter Island - 20 54.5S 106 54.4W

Today the Pacific has finally lived up to its name. We have had beautiful clear skies which just a few clouds here and there and the nice long period seas we had always heard about instead of those decidedly atlantic like seas we experienced the first 8 days. We still have a bit of current against us, but the wind has been blowing 6 to 10 knots for most of the day and we have been sailing along either under Code 0 or Jib doing anywhere from 6 to 9 knots, sometimes exceeding the true wind speed. The wind is a bit shifty, with 30 to 40 degree shifts every few hours, so it is keeping us on our toes, but it is exceedingly comfortable today.

We also caught a fish...this time a wahoo. We actually had two strike at the same time, but one bit through the leader and was gone in a matter of seconds. It means we get a break from all the chicken dishes without having to go into our shrimp stash which we are not sure will be particularly replenishable anytime soon.

Mom is of course reading out in the sun, I am trying to get a break in the shade of the pilothouse which works great as long as you can open the hatches and there is a bit of breeze, and Bill is catching some winks forward. The forecast is for our winds to die off sometime this evening at which time we have to decide if we want to burn 1.5 gallons an hour ($3/gal in Easter) of diesel and make sure we get in tomorrow, or keep sailing for a while longer and see what happens. The good news is we know fuel is available, so it is at least an option, but we will have to fill using jerry cans, so the less we have to buy, the less we spend and the less time it takes.

Anyway, it has been good to get e-mails from our friends and family. As my friend Corey remembered from his time on ship in his recent e-mail, what we wouldn't give for a newspaper, so please send along any news you feel is worthy or interesting. We don't have a whole lot else to do out here.

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