Monday, March 1, 2010

Now this is more like it...Galapagos to Easter Island Day 7

Pacific Ocean
14 41.5S, 103 42.2W
1120 nm SW of Galapagos
0700 report

Overnight the winds have both eased a bit, and have even come a bit north of east. The sailing is smoother with the winds abaft (more behind us) and the seas are beginning to lie down as well. Finally, these are more the sailing conditions I expected. Everyone appreciates this...Jo had her first good nights sleep since we left...she was so soundly asleep last night that I did not have the heart to awaken her for her watch. I took her watch and then she and Gram made sure that I got enough rest too. Everyone is taking care of everyone else as we get into this routine.

True wind angle is now 115 degrees, and although it is still averaging 16 knots, it feels less as it is well enough behind the beam. We are still doing 7 - 8 knots over the ground, but most of the time our apparent wind is below 15 knots and as soon as everyone is awake this morning, we can try a sail change to get a bit more dacron up.

We had some sense of this easing yesterday evening as we were not moving as quickly or hard as before, and had a great meal with a double feature of "24". During our 97/98 Caribbean cruise we discovered Shepards Pie on the British island of Nevis, and adopted it as a favotite passage meal. Jo chose that dish last night as it is wonderful comfort food...but she also notes that she was running out of meals that can be served in a bowl! and that she could not have served it if Sierra was on board (really no chance of that) because all the food was touching. The Shepards Pie was accompanied by a cucumber and tomato vinagrette, with chocolate pudding and tasty Galapagos banana slices for desert. Yum.

We did 223 nm past 24 hours (0500 - 0500) without really trying. Sun is out and I suspect we will go fishing today. 806 nm to go.

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