Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yahoo we caught a wahoo!!

22.00.16 S 107.16.25W It's a big ocean out here

Great day today..the winds and the seas have calmed right down and it was downright enjoyable all day today..nice change and a taste of what Pacific sailing should be. Long waves and clear skies...not the chop and confusion that we saw for our first 8 days. I can actually say I even had fun today! And an added bonus was that it was calm enough that I was even able to do my situps and pushups which have not been at all possible in the last bunch of days. Big excitement was we caught a very nice fish.. a wahoo which is quite yummy. Not sure why they are not available for sale but I have never seen it in any fish market. It's white and flakey but kind of meaty ...cooks up wonderfully just simply grilled. Nice nice change for us as we have been eating so much chicken, If the Ecuadorian chickens were raised like the US ones(full of growth hormones and such) we would be worried that the boys might start to grow breasts. The sky tonight is oh so clear with a glassy like sea
ahead. We can see a million stars including the southern cross which is pretty cool. We are definitely in the home stretch. Can't wait to be able to screech LAND HO. Looks like the eased up winds will probably delay our arrival till Sat. We have not wanted to put on the engine...not cuz the fuel costs so much but because it will have to be jerry jugged to the boat and could be a whole day process if we run the engine for the next day and a half. Looking forward to the intrigues of Easter will certainly be one of the most remote places any of us have ever been. It definitely sits out here in the big blue all by itself with nothing for miles and miles ...and miles to go before we rest! Fact is we have 330 left. it seems so bizarre that now that seems like such a short way.'s all a matter of perspective. More to follow so stay tuned.

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