Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let me out of here

29 31.1 S 114 44.4 W somewhere between Easter Island and the Gambiers in the not Pacific Ocean...

So, the guys have written about how horrid the conditions were yesterday so I will not redo the nightmare...just to say I have been basically terrified and wishing I could call for a pick up at 29th and 114th(that is our lat/long position). Today is a bit better but we are all physically exhausted from the energy it takes to hold oneself upright. And you all thought we were having fun!!!The pot of gold on the other side had better be pretty good is all I can say. The sun just came out which at least for me helps because I can get some fresh air and pretend it is a beautiful day out and we are just out for a relaxing sail...The boat is a bit of a wreck. The papayas in the fruit hammock got totally smushed and things have rolled all over the place in the cupboards so when you open them it's food ,food everywhere. I am definitely feeling challenged by this particular passage and am very glad it will be our last long one as once we are in the Gambiers things start being alot closer together. Definitely looking forward to the lagoons and beaches that await us as well as a whole new language to feel inept at. We were just getting our act together in Spanish conversation after 5 months of trying to learn it and now we will be at square 0 with French. Emma needs to learn to count to 10 in French now that I just heard she can do the same in Spanish...pretty good for a 2 1/2 year old says the proud grammy. They are planning to visit us in Tahiti(actually we will go to Moorea) in late May/early June and of course none of us can wait. Hoping Zak will join them as well for a real family vacation!!! The author of the Frommer's South Pacific guide calls it the most beautiful island in the world so I do believe we will have reason to celebrate...Hope my next update will be a bit more upbeat. Pray for easing conditions for us and know that you don't wish you were here..

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