Wednesday, March 31, 2010

almost there

25 22.7 S, 129 55.3 W about 60 miles from Pitcairn Island of Mutiny and the Bounty fame

So today Captain Bill announces that when we get to Tahiti he plans on rewarding us for this journey with a tshirt saying "I survived the Pacific"...I don't think so and am counting on at least 1 or two of the black pearls that come so high regarded from these parts!!! Seriously tho' this has been truly abhorable day after day of constant pitching and rolling and pretty savage seas. Can't figure out why all the reports have the wind dying and yet tonite it continues to blow 20-25 and we just can't move in a nice fashion. I am thankful that we will reach Pitcairn shortly after daybreak and even tho' I didn't really want to go there will be so happy to stop this boat for a day or two . Hoping that the anchorage will be OK and that we can pull this off. Otherwise we will just do the sail repair as best we can and take off by late afternoon for the Gambiers. On a brighter note we received and email from a boat we had befriended in Easter who are loving the Gambiers. They are a lovely French couple so have the added bonus of no language barriers but I am confident we will do OK as Bill can squeak out enough French to get our needs met and Gram and I will get to be the ones playing charades to get our points across. Anyway they are enjoying calm anchorages, very pleasant people and a modicum of civilization. Music to our ears for sure. Having trouble staying in my seat so will sign out for now and say that we will be back in touch with a hopefully new story and attitude in a day or two. Bon Jour.. Jo

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