Friday, March 5, 2010

The wind is a puzzlement

24 20S 108 30W Day 11

The wind is such a puzzlement to me...I am alone on watch and trying to figure out how the boat can be going 7 k when my wind meter is reading 1.6 or less( and that is apparent...true wind is even lighter!). Don't really want to wake one of the boys but this is too weird. OK...figured that one out...somehow in the dark I had pushed the wrong button and was reading vmg(velocity made good) So actually the wind was 10 K which is more like it for how we were sailing, Silly me!! Today was beautiful again...very calm like almost lake like seas and nary a cloud in the sky...needless to say I am in sun heaven and reading up a storm. The days actually go by surprisingly quickly and now that we are not so uncomfortable I really don't even mind being out here just kind of slatting along. In 24 hrs we have gone from too much wind to not enough ( and from over 200 miles/day to 150)but until we just can't make the boat move have decided to try to keep sailing and just get to Easter
on Sat instead of Fri but not burn all that extra fuel which we started to do for a few hours this afternoon. It's not so much about the cost but the logistics of having to jerry jug whatever fuel we will need to replace and that is a painstaking process! Besides there will be so many other things to do on Easter that who wants to be lugging fuel when you can be looking at those crazy statues called moais and ancient crater lakes. We are getting excited to be able to say LAND HO and put our feets on terra firma and explore this far far off island. It truly is in the middle of nowhere!!! I do believe that once there we are officially in the South Pacific as well...can't believe how far we have come. Well time for more star is a spectacularly clear night out there and a special time to just sit and contemplate. Please all of you who have been writing us know how thrilling it is to open up the cue and see those emails and for those of you who have not yet...plea
se do. We love it. Only 180 miles to go...about the distance of our summer fave of Northport to Nantucket. Funny how that used to seem so so far and now I say only! Amazing what a different perspective will do to ones frame of reference.

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