Friday, May 20, 2016

Weather Update from Ken McKinley

Good morning Bill and crew -

Continuing your current heading toward the waypoint is probably fine in the short term, although I would also suggest that you begin to turn more to the east as the wind allows. I would rather see you remain at or south of Bermuda’s latitude given the conditions that will prevail for your approach to the island early next week.

For today, ESE winds will push up to 15 knots this afternoon. Similar conditions are likely this evening, then later at night more veering toward SE is likely with speeds picking up a bit. Tomorrow winds will veer to SSE and increase to 20 knots or a bit more. Tomorrow night a weakening front will push east across the route, and will produce some rain, perhaps even a few downpours. Winds will shift from SSE to SSW as the front passes. Wind speeds may push up to 25 knots ahead of the front, but will drop back to 20 knots or a bit less behind it. Timing of the frontal passage will probably be late at night, close to daybreak Sunday.

SSW winds will veer slightly toward SW during Sunday, speeds 15-20 knots. Maybe a stray shower. Sunday night winds will back to SSW and increase to 20-25 knots with a few more scattered showers, then on Monday similar conditions are likely for the approach to Bermuda, winds perhaps backing a bit more toward S.

As noted above, your current heading is fine, but as the wind begins to veer tomorrow, I would suggest slowly turning more toward the east, basically following the wind around as it veers. After you exit the favorable current you are in now, I don’t see much of consequence the rest of the way. Less than a knot in general and it’s not worth chasing in my opinion. I would allow the wind to dictate your routing decisions. With significant southerly winds for the approach to Bermuda early next week, you do not want to be north of the island at that point.

Email with any questions.


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