Sunday, May 22, 2016

Updated Position

Corrected Position as of 1130 hrs eastern...
Sorry 'bout that. I did put in a new position, so must have mixed it up some way.

Current position 31 52.8N/68 07.9W
SOG: 8.99 knots
COG: 096 mag
Wind: 18.7 knots at 207 mag
Bar 1018


---------- Original Message ----------
To: Visions of Johanna
From: Ken McKinley
Subject: update position please
Date: 5/22/2016 9:43:50a

Good morning Bill and crew -

 It appears that this morning's update contained yesterday's position.
 Could you please update when you have a chance?
Working on update for you now, will send once I have updated position

Editor's Note:  This latest position puts them something like 175nm from Bermuda having travelled approx 225nm in the last 27.5 hours (approx 8.2 knot average).  Assuming they can maintain these same sorts of speeds which should be doable with the weather forecast, they should make landfall sometime before noon on the 23rd.  Don't be surprised if the next position report is delayed a bit as they might be busy on their approach into Bermuda and may wait until they are settled in port.

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