Thursday, May 19, 2016

SY Visions of Johanna crossing day 2

DATE: Thursday, 19 May, 2016, 7:00 AM Eastern

SY Visions of Johanna crossing day 2
North Atlantic Ocean
Position: 28 16.5N/77 24.5W
Conditions: Wind has steadily veered overnight, from 222 mag 10 PM last night to 306 mag this morning. TWS 12-10-->8 Knots, getting lighter. Cloudy.
Currently, TWD 306 degrees ; SOG 7.9 knots; We were averaging 6.5 knots overnight, and speed increased this morning when I opened the jib, Still with double reefed mainsail (precaution with T'storms visible through midnight last night).
690 nm to reach our Bermuda approach WP

Pretty easy night, motor sailing. Expedition routing has us swinging north as far as 32 30N/71W before making Bermuda. Perhaps it is trying to keep the wind on the beam, or avoid undesirable currents - I will be curious to hear what Ken McKinley (our weather guide and router for 11 years!) suggests for us.

We were able to all sit at the saloon table and eat dinner together last night. I then took a nap before my evening watch and awakened to essentially a crew party in the pilot house...I think that everyone is enjoying themselves. Last night, Andrew commented that this was his first night watch. Ever. He's made his first journal entry last night. This morning when I came up for my 6 AM watch, I was surprised about how much parallel ship traffic there was on AIS. Lissy, coming off watch, noted that the ships were headed across to France or to Bermuda, or elsewhere, while marveling what a big ocean it was. Lissy and Andrew are doing well, already doing sail changes and light navigation, they are enjoying the process so far. Lissy is always smiling and asking detailed questions about why we are doing things a certain way. It seems to me that simply responding "because the captain said so" was not going to suffice, so we have all had discussions about sails, systems, and planning ahead. And Andrew's ability to tackle a chore list is only surpassed by his capacity to sleep and eat. Hence, we are calling him sleeping beauty. A 6 hour nap yesterday! Really!! 6!!!

Our blog is up with position updates. Thank you, Gram. See

We'll try for another post later today, and until then...

Best wishes,

Bill Strassberg and crew, SY Visions of Johanna

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