Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day 4 in Bermuda

DATE: Thursday, 26 May, 2016

SY Visions of Johanna, Lying Bermuda

Good day to all. Today is our fourth day in Bermuda. We greeted our arriving Bermuda to Ireland crew on Tuesday, and there were long farewells to Jack and Lissy on Wednesday...which meant that we all had a Tuesday night on board together, and that was much fun with lot's of story telling. We will miss you, team Goralnik. Meanwhile, Pam and Denis are getting well acquainted on board. We are waiting a bit for weather so there has been some nice time to go over systems, navigation, and procedures.

We had thoughts of leaving as early as today or tomorrow, but Ken McKinley has suggested that we delay a day or so in order to avoid some potential weather. There is a low that will cross the North Atlantic late next week or early weekend and Ken does not want us to venture too far north or east around it's proposed arrival. By waiting a day or two, we will give time for it to develop and move on before we arrive near it's Lat/Lon - essentially the goal is to be certain that we are not too far north or east at that time, and as it develops, it will move north and east - away from us. I like that. And the stronger the low, the quicker it will move (away). I like that more. Ken McKinley of Locus Weather has been a fantastic resource for us for 11 years now; it feel great to know that someone has our back when we are out there! Thank you Locus Weather.

It looks like Saturday or perhaps Sunday departure it is. A few extra days to catch up, attend to details. In this meantime, I have had an opportunity to read our blog and I am blown away (pun intended) by the information added and the work that has gone in to it. For those of you that are on the direct email list, I urge you to also visit the blog at Gram has provided expert and real time commentary and analysis of our routing and decision points. He has translated and analyzed the gobblydygook I have written, and also added Ken McKinley's real time comments for added depth and detail. I feel like I have Peter Isler providing real time commentary - thank you, Gram. Awesome job. I hope you get enough sleep to keep it up, dad.

So, as I was saying, even if you receive a direct email from us, consider going to for the added real time analysis and expert commentary. And I will keep you all updated as we look forward to the beginning of leg two of our crossing. All is good,

And best wishes from,

Bill Strassberg and crew, SY Visions of Johanna

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