Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weather Report from Ken McKinnely

Good morning Bill and crew -

Glad to see that the winds have come around for you. The route alteration this morning to make things better from a sailing angle and comfort perspective is fine. As the wind continues to veer, you’ll be able to point toward Bermuda, probably by tonight.

I’m not sure if you were able to receive the altimetry chart I sent the other day or not, so the one I have for you today I will send in a separate email. Between your current position and Bermuda, current speeds are all showing as less than a knot. You should be out of the adverse current that you mentioned fairly soon, and then there is some favorable current showing up east of 68W.

Winds this afternoon will veer toward SSE later on with speeds increasing to 19-23 knots and seas building to 4-6 feet. Numerous showers are likely this evening with winds likely gusting over 25 knots and seas perhaps pushing up to 7 feet at times, but by late evening the frontal boundary will have passed and winds with the front will shift to SSW and drop off to a bit under 20 knots. 

SSW winds tomorrow will push back above 20 knots with seas building to 5-7 feet and a few scattered showers at times. Tomorrow night and  Monday approaching Bermuda SSW winds in the 17-21 knot range are likely with seas at 4-6 feet, and the threat of a few showers will still be present.

Bottom line, some faster sailing over the next few days, but wet at times. Wind angle will get better once the wind shifts later this evening.

Email with any questions.


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