Saturday, May 28, 2016

SY Visions of Johanna Bermuda to Dingle, Ireland day 1

DATE: Saturday, 28 May, 2016, 11:30 AM Atlantic
SY Visions of Johanna
North Atlantic Ocean

Conditions: TWD 118; TWS 8.5; SOG 7.8 Kn ; COG 057m

A quick note to say...we are now underway. Dinghy on deck, conditions are quite nice right now, motorsailing upwind. We have a good forecast and have a series of 4 waypoints per Ken McKinley, to best use Gulf Stream currents, and to keep us south of next weekends low and any potential ice. The low by the way does not look to be very nasty. After WP4, we then will do a great circle route to Dingle, Ireland.

2694 nm to go!

All is well.

Best wishes,

Bill Strassberg and crew, SY Visions of Johanna

AIS Tracking of Visions leaving Bermuda

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