Monday, May 30, 2016

Weather Update 5/30

Good afternoon Bill and crew -

Good to see that the less than ideal wind direction didn’t last too long. 

Winds will continue to veer this evening and will likely be SSW by sunset. The veering will continue overnight with winds tomorrow morning SW. Wind speeds will gradually increase through tonight and will be running 18-22 knots by tomorrow morning. 

Winds will veer to WSW tomorrow with speeds in the 20-24 knot range, then speeds will increase to 22-26 knots tomorrow night and continue on Wednesday as you move east toward 50W. Winds will shift to NW at similar speeds Wednesday night, and these conditions will continue through Thursday.

Seas will build to 5-7 feet later tomorrow and to 6-9 feet on Wednesday. Seas will build a bit more through Wednesday night and will be running 8-11 feet by Thursday, perhaps building a bit more later Thursday. Moderate NW winds will continue through Friday with seas running 10-13 feet.

Winds will back to WNW by early in the weekend near 40W and speeds will ease off a bit with seas subsiding. That will likely be the time to consider picking up a great circle route toward Ireland

That next low coming along from the west later in the weekend will likely remain near 40N into early next week, and it should be possible to be north of its influence by then.

The previous waypoints still look good. You will likely enter the stream a bit before reaching the 38N/58W waypoint and should have a good ride in the stream for a few days. Winds will be stronger through this period, but with the stream, so seas should remain manageable.

Bottom line, some nice sailing through this evening and tonight, then somewhat rigorous conditions for a few days, but excellent boat speed. Best to be prepared for somewhat more spartan meals as the boat motion will increase!


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