Saturday, May 21, 2016

SY Visions of Johanna Crossing Day 4

Saturday, 21 May, 2016, 8:00 AM Eastern

SY Visions of Johanna crossing day 4
North Atlantic Ocean
Position: 31 39.2N/72 28.5W
SOG 6.4 knots; COG 084 mag

Conditions: Wind has veered through nighttime hours from SE to nearly south this morning and wind speed slowly increased from 15 knots to 17-18 knots by daybreak.

We shut down the engine 1100 yesterday and have sailed nearly close hauled for the past 20 hours. Per Ken Mckinley's directive, we will not route ourselves north of BDA (32N) as SW winds 20-25 knots will develop as we approach and goal is to keep the building winds aft of the beam. We sailed overnight with autopilot on Wind Setting, 48 degrees apparent wind. Good news is, as anticipated, the wind did clock and essentially put us on a rhumbline to BD by dawn.By then we were close hauled and struggling to maintain boatspeed in the low sixes (as we are fighting a current). At 0600, with the southerly wind, I altered course and steered to Wind Setting 60 degrees apparent; I also opened the staysail. This has placed us about 10 degrees above the rhumbline, but it has really eased the ride. Today's GRIBS also (again) suggested a northerly routing loop towards BDA, so we will let this perk along while we keep an eye on 32N. At the same time, we anticipate further clocking to west of south which would carry us to Bermuda.

Current situation: We are currently sailing close a close reach, TWD 170-180 degrees ; SOG 6.4+ knots; There is an adverse current of at least a knot impeding progress. Speed has improved with course and sail changes, COG 86 degrees (Bearing to BDA 99 degrees) and SOG 6.8 knots. Seas remain reasonably calm, 4' SWly swell and a 2 foot southerly chop. 80% cloud cover. Barometer 1123 mb.

And yes, we caught another tuna yesterday. Thank you, Neptune. Sashimi tonight I think.

Dinner last night was Mexican themed, including pork loin fajitas with peppers and onions, black bean burritos, with pico de gallo, guacamole (can you guess who I was thinking of?) and shredded cheddar for toppings. Yum. And good news is...Andrew discovered the cookie jar and we'll be seeing more waterline soon.

We have not sighted any ships for over 48 hours, although large tankers and commercial ships have been seen on AIS. VHF Radio remains silent. No internet. 4 people. Great boat. Big ocean.

All is well on-board.

Best wishes,

Bill Strassberg and crew, SY Visions of Johanna

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