Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ken McKinley Weather Update 29 May

Good afternoon Bill and crew -

Glad to hear that you are into your underway routine. 

You’ll continue to have rather light WNW winds through this evening, then after midnight tonight you will cross the weak frontal boundary, and winds will shift to SE, still likely, generally 9 knots or less. There could be a shower or two with the front, but nothing heavy, and nothing of any significant duration. 

Winds tomorrow will slowly veer to SSE and will increase to 9-13 knots in the afternoon. Tomorrow evening as you move into the Gulf Stream, winds will veer to SSW and increase to 12-16 knots; later at night winds will veer to SW. 

On Tuesday winds will veer toward WSW in the afternoon with speeds in the 15-19 knot range, and seas will build to 5-7 feet. WSW winds will increase to 19-23 knots Tuesday night and these winds will continue through Wednesday.

Later Wednesday night or early Thursday winds will shift to N at 16-20 knots with seas still in the 5-7 foot range, but perhaps a bit confused for a while after the wind shift. N winds will ease a bit later Thursday, then will back to NW by Friday with speeds in the 14-18 knot range. Seas may build to 6-9 feet on Friday, mainly in swells from the north. 

Friday night and into Saturday look for winds to back to WNW along the route with speeds likely staying at or below 20 knots as it now appears that the low will move out of the way a bit more quickly than was earlier anticipated. 

The current route looks good through much of next week. Some adjustment may be needed late in the week or next weekend, perhaps an earlier turn to the north as another low appears that it will track east along about 40N through the central Atlantic early in the following week, and it may be useful to get north of that low and miss most of its impact. Lots of time to consider those options, though, and also to see how the system will eventually evolve.

Email with any questions.


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