Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Solemente por Dos Semanas

Cartegena Colombia - 10 24.5N 075 32.6W

Yesterday we managed to back Visions into her slip at Club de Pesca de Cartagena which was a rather tight fit through two pilings and a concrete notch that is only two fender widths wider than our aft beam making for a tight fit. The good part of such a tight fit is that the boat is nicely nestled in and quite secure with crossed stern lines and twin bow lines out the the piles as well as twin forward and aft springs (both sides). It was a long day, but finished nicely with some drinks with three fellow american cruisers we had met last week. It was also the first time I was comfortable outside. The wind was drier than previous days and it cooled off to probably 75 degrees last night. Of course, it was still 85ish in the boat, but much drier. My thermometer didn't survive the passage down as it got some salt water spray along the way. I will have to look for a replacement at Commercial Centro which is the craziest bazar, mostly with odd computer parts and electronics.

Today we got the help of Ronaldo to clean the deck. Tomorrow he will tackle the stainless steel and the topsides. It was very hard to sit and watch him work, but after lunch I did lay in the hamock for an hour or so as it was just too hot to keep working at 1:00 in the afternoon. By three if finally starts to cool down, but it isn't nearly as cool as yesterday evening as the humidity has returned. Pache says that it isn't usually this hot here, so I suppose there is hope and it makes us feel beter to see the locals suffering as well. Apparently, we are expecting some rain later in the week. It will be interesting to see what it is like here when it is raining.

Bill left today around 10:00 for his flight home for two-ish weeks. This leaves me alone in Cartegena (if anyone wants to visit, please let me know...I would love the company). Since he didn't come back I assume he made his flight. I went grocery shopping after Ronaldo left at 4:00 and discovered the one thing worse than going grocery shopping hungry....going shopping thirsty when you have to carry the grocereries the mile or so home. I managed to fill my backpack almost entirely with things to drink making it rather heavy. Apparently you can have the bagger bring the cart to the marina and take it back for only $2-3 so I may do that next time if I go overboard again. I have one or two more days when I am stuck at the boat all day taking care of dayworkers, then I can head to the home center to find a dehumidifier as well as spend a few days at the beach. I need to get in touch with a canvas-maker and wood-worker as well...maybe tomorrow.


Sierra said...

So let me get this straight, you lounged around in the hammock while someone slaved away cleaning the boat? Nice..... Enjoy yourself. Maybe you'll pick up some cute chicks! :) Just teasing...

Johanna said...

hey Gram...what about getting a bike out???can't wait to be there with you. love you mom