Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally some Relaxation

Cartegena Colombia - 10 24.5N 075 32.6W

Last night was just too hot to sleep. I finally got to sleep around 1:00 in the hamock and moved downstairs at 3:00. Made for a slow morning, but that was ok. The awning guy came by about 11:00 and he was my final worker to deal with so I was free. I packed up the bike, and went to the fan shop to exchange the fan for my room that had died the night before (perfect timing) and then to the fabric shop to find some netting for the companionway (partial success). Then it was on to the Hotel Caribe where I have joined the gym/pool. I headed to the beach for about an hour before getting sick of being pestered and headed back to the pool. A nice swim, some reading, a short nap, and then another swim before hopping back on the bike for the 20min ride home in some CRAZY traffic. This is not a ride I would suggest mom go on, but it is fine as long as you are confident in traffic. The good news is people ride bikes here, so the cars are used to it...they just drive like maniacs so you need confidence that you can ride VERY straight and stop on a dime if neccesary (Newport was good training for this). The good news is this evening seems much cooler and at least at 6:30 there is still a breeze.

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