Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leaving Cartagena

Last night we headed over to Silandra V for cocktails and said said goodbye to the friends we met here - Kieth & Briney (Silandra V - Rich was at Surf Camp in Panama this week), Dan & Jaimie (Neria), David (Brudair), and Steve & Connie (Better Days).

We have enjoyed it here in the city, but are ready to stretch our fins and be able to swim, so we are headed down to the Bay of Cholon, about 20 miles south for at least a few days before heading across to the San Blas. Internet will likely become much more spotty for the next few weeks, so expect less pictures, and less phone calls via skype, but we will stay in touch, and I promise Bill will eventually finish his 2nd post about Cartagena's historical tour.

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Laurie said...

You guys look happy and healthy. Gram you look like the "best catch" in the Southern Hemisphere! Laurie