Monday, June 29, 2009

Cholon Beach Bar Bingo

Bahia de Cholon - Colombia 10 09.7N 75 39.9W

We came down to Cholon, about a two hour motor, on Friday. It is a beautiful Bay accessed via a narrow cut where you pass right next to a sand bar with several tables and sun shades set up in about waist deep water next to a beach. We had seen pictures of people sitting at these tables, drinking a beer and having a good time, so we knew we would need to go there for lunch before we left. We spend Saturday and Sunday between Better Days and Visions, with a visit to Roberto on shore who is a retire LA cop and very cruiser friendly. We also took an amazing dingy ride about 2 miles through the mangroves to Baru. Baru is probably the poorest town I have ever been to, but the people were incredibly nice and the mangroves are both beautiful and productive as the primary mode of transportation by the locals (sort of the Venice of Colombia).

Today we decided to stay one more day in order to enjoy the beach bar. Being a national holiday here, it was quite busy for a Monday. We dingied up, tied up to a tent, bargained for our meals, table, and chairs; and took in the scenery--boy was there some amazing scenery. We met a very nice Colombian medical student, in his final training toward becoming a plastic surgeon, and it appears he will do well in Colombia based on the number of "enhanced" chests we saw. The Colombian women are not shy and the swarths of twenty somethings were out in force. Pics will surely be coming once we get some decent Internet, and Bill even shot some video...certainly not to be missed by the lesser half of the reading audience.

Tomorrow we leave for Panama and the San Blas. Can't hardly wait.

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