Friday, June 5, 2009

Best Job EVER

Cartegena Colombia - 10 24.5N 075 32.6W

I found my new favorite chore on the boat....defrosting the freezer. The humidity is so high here that the frost was already becoming a problem on the freezer plates. There is too much food to defrost the "normal way" so instead, you have to shave the frost off with a knife. The good news of this method is that you end up with a medium sized bowl of snow which feels really good when rubbed over your body and stuck under your armpits.

This afternoon brought a series of thunder-showers that have pretty much killed the day. Ronaldo, the young man that has been cleaning the boat the last few days was unable to finish polishing the stainless as it was all wet so he will have to come back either tomorrow or Monday to finish the job. I will have a varnisher here in the mornings for the next 4 to 6 days depending on weather (needs 6 coats which with the rain would take 6 days, but if it stays dry and warm, they can apply two coats in a day), but he should be gone after an hour or so, so hopefully I will start to get to head out and explore cartagena in the next few days.

For now I am sitting in the pilothouse waiting for the rain to stop so I can put the bikes away. I was hoping they would be dry, but I didn't get started washing them down in time. I will have to bring them back out tomorrow to dry.

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