Friday, May 17, 2013

Update from NZ Maritime

I quiried NZ Maritme about the vessel VofJ was asked to go look for (mentioned in Bill's last entry) and figured the readers would be curious to hear the answer:

At present we have no new information. We believe the yacht SAINT ARMOUR has
effected repairs and is continuing on passage to Fiji. We have requested
that the Fijian authorities contact us when the yacht arrives. Two other
yachts went to her aid. The SHARD we have not been able to contact but think
it may have helped effect repairs, and KILICO IV when reaching the area
later could not locate the SAINT ARMOUR.

Please pass our gratitude to the skipper and crew of VISIONS OF JOHANNA for
their assistance.

Kind regards

John Ashby | Senior Search and Rescue Officer Maritime New Zealand | Rescue
Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) Nō te rere moana Aotearoa

+64 4 5778030 | F +64 4 5778038 | E W

I or Bill will post an update if we hear more or Bill can find out more in Fiji.


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