Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Zealand to Fiji - Day 5 -- What a difference a day makes!

Day Five: Passage Opua to Savusavu
0700 Friday 17 May 2013 NZST/1900 UTC
South Pacific Ocean 25 15.8 S/ 176 43.5 E
WInd South 5 knots/SOG 6.4 - 7 kn/COG 016 mag/Sea state 2-4' swells primary from SE/Bar 1018
160nm motor sailed 6am to 6am. 540 nm to go.

There was little wind overnight and seas are benign. The sky was full of sun by yesterday afternoon, and we all enjoyed some time in the cockpit. Fishing lines were out and we caught what looks like a small mackerel type of fish. Zak thought we had another hit, but line was not taught. In the end, we brought back the rod and it had lure without hooks. Something big!

We did divert course yesterday for nearly 2 hours, heading west toward the position of a reported vessel in distress. We were in contact with New Zealand Maritime radio and after steaming about 12 nm, we were able to call a boat that had headed to the area prior to us. We reported their findings (nil) and our own negative radar scans, and we were released from assistance at that point. Vessel in distress was a single-hander on SY St. Amour. I have no knowledge as to outcome.

Great dinner al fresco in the cockpit at sundown last night - Pasta Bolognese with courgettes. Then we watched an episode of House of Cards in the pilot house before turning in. We look forward to another sunny day today.
Crew and vessel doing well.

--Editors Note:  I have checked NZ Maritime website and there have been no press releases regarding SY St. Amour nor any similar vessel in the area.  Google search didn't find anything either.  Will update if I find anything.

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