Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Zealand to Fiji - Wednesday Morning Report (Day 3)

0630 Wedneday 15 May 2013 NZST/1830 UTC
South Pacific Ocean 30 09.7 S/ 174.34 E
WInd ESE 15-18 knots/SOG 8.6 kn/COG 006mag/Sea state not observed/Bar 1012
174 nm sailed 6 AM to 6 AM

We spent most of yesterday with a third reef in the mainsail coupled with a 50% furled staysail - as winds averaged 30 knots. Last night we fully opened the staysail and this morning added partially furled jib, functioning as high clewed yankee. I can't believe we covered 174 nm as I was trying hard to slow us down! Winds are continuing to ease and I will unfurl the main later today when there is light.

Conditions have improved overnight and seas will continue to diminish over the next 12-24 hours.  Sky appears to be 50% overcast and I think we will have sun today, too. We have not seen another boat since leaving Bay of Islands although I spoke with a SAR aircraft overnight. As seas calm down, we will put out some fishing lines. All is well and looking better every day.


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