Friday, May 24, 2013

Safely arrived and back underway

We are sorry about the lapse and lack of recent posts...I have asked crew to write and help send news, but that has not happened, at least not yet, After our 2:30 P.M. arrival in Savusavu, clearance was lengthy but relatively painless. The marinas charge a small fee to facilitate, and after multiple official visitations aboard, one walks about to pay fees at various offices.

We spent (only) 2 days doing necessary clean-up and provisioning (with requisite shopping for trinkets and Sulu's - tradtional Fijian/South PAcific dress), and we managed to leave Savusavu quickly, 3 days after arrival. While another day or more would have been nice to meet other yachties and exchange info and itineraries, leaving seemed smart as we have a short time span to cruise, and more importantly, there were light SE winds to sail and motor sail east, not the typical brisk easterlies.

So, now we are at Dukanubi Bay. Passage in through the fringing reef was straight forward, and we have good local info about the bay and anchorage - thank you Soggy Paws compendium! In Fiji, when you enter a bay, you are within the waters and "territorial environs" of a village. It is sort of like driving along and stopping for the night to pitch your tent in some one's back yard - it is appropriate to knock on their door and ask permission, and even bring a little thank you gift. Here, we dinghy in to the village and ask permission of the village chief to visit the village and to be in their waters. We bring a gift of Kava root, and the ceremony is called Sevu Sevu. We did our first yesterday.

More on the Sevu Sevu and our visit to Dukanubi to follow!

Best wishes from the crew of Visions of Johanna.

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