Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Problem Found

Isabella - Galapagos - Ecuador

Yesterday morning after having fully cleaned the grease out of all the parts we discovered our problem. There seems to be a manufacturing defect on the hub that precluded the blade from being fully tightened or allowed it to loosen over time. We are currently in negotiations with the supplier so I am going to hold off on further discussion or photos for now. We are now spending less time in the water or with greasy hands, but much more time on the phone. I did add photos to the last few blog entries, so hopefully my descriptions will make a little more sense now.

We do plan to head up into the hills to visit the local farming village this afternoon with Dave & Sherry from Soggy Paws and we enjoyed a movie night on their boat last night. Overall it is a pretty nice place to be stranded but we are all looking forward to some certainty and getting on our way.

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