Saturday, February 20, 2010


Puerto Villamil - Isla Isabella - Galapagos - Ecuador

Listo means finished and we finally are. We put the prop together on thursday morning and then on the boat on Thursday afternoon. Friday we did a short sea trial and discovered a problem that required us to remove the prop, take it back to Jorge's shop and reassemble the prop. Then we reinstalled, did a sea trial, and all is well! This afternoon we do a final re-torque of the prop nut and install the cone zinc anode on the back end and then we are totally done with that job. It has been a lot of work and quite frustrating at times, but Bill and I worked VERY well together and we did a pretty amazing feat. Dave took some cool shots underwater of the installation (though it was fairly murky that day).

Today we are doing some final shopping and finishing up final boat chores. Tomorrow we start preparing for sea (pull dingy, motor, awnings) and we should be leaving Monday morning for Easter Island.

It is looking like about 12-14 days to Easter. We will do a much better job of keeping the blog up to date once we get underway, so stay tuned.


Sierra said...

Glad you guys didn't kill each other!

Laurie said...

Safe passage to all! We will be thinking of you daily! XXXOOO